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  • Last menu tasting , a small hint ? Our guest chef is in the picture !
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  • Our guest chef decided only to match jacques lassaigne tonight!
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  • Menu set... And now the wines...
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  • Or would he be an Italian chef ?
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  • IDW going exotic...! Who's cooking?
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  • Dries finding the finest new carrots for our guest chef!
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  • I met Dries, the vegetable supplier. What a great and haeartwarming and clever man he is. If suppliers are great characters, there products will be too. '

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  • The secret chef says: 'Kobes music is my music. No mise en place without this rock.'

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  • The secret chef says: 'I think i am going to use beer. Not in the dish. We will serve it tonight. Beers are impressive here.'

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  • The secret chef says: 'Last night, at In de Wulf, I had the best dinner in at least two years. Very impressed. Also impressed by the fact that fish sauce is unknown in this part of the world.

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