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  • Grocery shopping. Another day at the office. Chef said he loves me now. Yeah right.
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  • This langoustine has no i-de-a what is going to happen to her. Nothing like what her sisters had to deal with before at the Plaza. "What kind of leaf ???", she asks. Exactly. 

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  • The vegetables from Versailles arrive at Plaza Athénée . Marion, Gelinaz Shuffle chef class of 2023 ?
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  • Cucumber and tomato salad on the menu of our guest chef yesterday night
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  • Lundi soir en cuisine, le menu se précise / On monday night in the kitchen, Romain and guest chef shape up the menu
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  • Devinez à qui appartient cette main ? / Guess whose hand is it ?
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  • Alain Ducasse est sur le départ. Avez-vous deviné dans quel restaurant il sera le soir du 9 juillet ?
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  • Anish Kapoor showing at Versailles, while Plaza veggies are growing in the Queen's gardens for guest chef. Coincidence ? I don't think so
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  • Imagine ! One chef, coming from who knows where, who will get to cook for the clients of the Plaza Athénée ? Mega stress, mega dream.
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