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  • "Danny's cats—excuse me—but they produce a mountain of shit. Danny's lucky, I'm from [xx] but if I was from Vincenza I would eat the cats."
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  • Briefing time at Combal. We are so so so in the mood!
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  • Today at Combal.zero ( time zone Rome: -5 h ) the mystery will be unveiled: who is going to be the Gelinaz 's guest chef ?
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  • Here at Combal, Beppe Rambaldi, the guest chef and I are agree: we prefer "Fifty Shades of Green" :-)
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  • Combal.Zero is beautiful inside and outside! Look the view from the restaurant
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  • Torino. Everyone in the city is plagued by a doubt: who's gonna cook at Combal?
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  • wow!!! I have witnessed so many beautiful things... And tonight I'm gonna taste them: can't wait
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  • At Combal.Zero also the lunch for the team is a good experience. Believe me!!! But now it's time to work again
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  • Let's meet some others guys in the Combal.Zero kitchen: Cristiano, Steve, Frank and Andrea
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