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  • How do I know the Plaza is top notch: they have glasses that help me post on this wall and look almost smart
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  • Ze calm before ze storm
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  • Chef complaining about guest chef back home being too nice to clients. Makes him look bad, he says. Also his bee larvaes ? A pain to find.
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  • Grocery shopping. Another day at the office. Chef said he loves me now. Yeah right.
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  • Asked this sherpa for help at the supermarket. Chef wanted specific ingredient. Me unqualified. Don't remember Andrea mentionning grocery
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  • Jasmine flowers. Always on the menu at Plaza. Or not.
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  • This langoustine has no i-de-a what is going to happen to her. Nothing like what her sisters had to deal with before at the Plaza. "What kind of leaf ???", she asks. Exactly. 

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  • This is a sommelier at Plaza Athénée thinking ? a) of course ! b) no way on earth c) what the Hell so I pair with his
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  • The vegetables from Versailles arrive at Plaza Athénée . Marion, Gelinaz Shuffle chef class of 2023 ?
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