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  • And tonight's guest chef is....Oh, come on Rodolfo, get out of the way.
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  • The crabs arrived with a little surprise attached. "It's gotta taste good," says the tattoo.
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  • You will never guess what's inside of these. We are 9 hours away.
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  • La presse du canard I feel the good but also the bad
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  • There will be piure. Repeat: there will be piure.
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  • Mystery meat in the thermomix. This dish is going to be really weirdly fucking strange and beautiful.
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  • Here is something you will never ever see at Borago ever again: pasta.
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  • Seriously, WTF is this?
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  • Initial reaction to Chilean Uni from the Guest Chef: "Can I bring these home with me?" You will never guess what they are being paired with.
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  • When guest chef first tried Rodolfo's menu they were overwhelmed by ingredients like rare Atacama rose petals. Now, vision is clear.
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