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  • Shuffle chef demonstrating how to handle anchovies. You guys figure this out yet? I think we're gonna be the last to reveal...
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  • Coi chef Andrew says, "These anchovies came in as close to alive as you can be while still being dead."
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  • Ask and ye shall receive. Prep photos to follow. Here's our chef and those plums from the Ferry Building.
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  • More pictures of prep please =)
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  • I haven't seen our chef stop to eat since arriving in SF, so I brought breakfast from Tartine.
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  • I spoke on the phone with chef Redzepi today, who said, "This Gelinaz—the whole spirit—is really working. Spending time with [redacted], and seeing the way they look at our ingredients and dishes and what they want to do with them is inspiring us." 

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  • If you happened to be at the Ferry Building this morning, you would have met not one but TWO shuffle chefs. Also these righteous plums.
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  • Gambas in the notebook!
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  • Seriously, bags are still packed and he's looking at plates and bowls.
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  • Coi's guest chef has been in SF for 10 minutes and is already talking menu and ingredients. "I'm the least local thing here."
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