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  • Dominique Crenn supervising her supernatural dish Rice/Arroche/Peach/Comino
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  • Tonight at the Chateau: Dominique Crenn from San Francisco's Atelier Crenn.. 100% veggie meal!
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  • Secret chef will be revealed SUPER soon. Looking good.
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  • "People are going to eat wood", secret chef says. OK!!!!
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  • NTM hip hop and dried tomatoes. Warm up at the Chateau.
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  • Someone's going green tonight at the Chateau...
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  • Who's about to walk the line at the Chateaubriand? Three hours before lift off.
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  • Those hands belong to Marta Cervino. But the words are our secret chef's. Temperature rising at the Chateau.
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  • Secret chef enjoying a brainy dessert at the Bristol. Will there be blood tomorrow night at the Chateau?
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  • Secret guest chef listens to Simone Tondo's musical conversation. It's 1.30 am. How are we going to wake up tomorrow???
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