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  • And the meat found its place too...Course 7: Fassona beef steak aging for two months, aubergines, gravy sauce
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  • Who said that Alain Ducasse cooks no more? Still at work, like a chef on his first day in the kitchen.
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  • Fassona meat from Piedmont set on fire by the chef...What next?
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  • And here comes the fennel! Sixth course: John Dory confit, fennel, olives and lemon from Garda.
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  • Fennels come out of the oven...How will they be used? Let's wait for next course to find out...
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  • Fifth Course: Risotto with Bagoss cheese and saffron, completed by a Groppello (local red wine) reduction...Astonishing!
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  • Monsieur Ducasse has come to Lido with some members of his incredible team...Directly from Le Louis XV in Montecarlo, Mr. Franck Cerutti!
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  • Course 4: Paccheri pasta with bottarga from Sardinia and capers...
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  • Sous-chef Noel Pavaci running from one side of the kitchen to the other, balancing a tray full of beatiful aubergines.
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  • The main ingredient of the next course, Paccheri di Gragnano (before and after cooking), an incredible pasta from the south of Italy.
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